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Global is a two carrier airline with Global Express serving as the domestic carrier and Global International as the international world carrier.

Once assigned to Global Express you complete your flying using props on up to jet aircraft for domestic routes with a few extending over-water routes. Once you complete a minimum time at Global Express, you transfer to the International carrier using larger and more sophisticated aircraft which take you to locations around the world but while at International, you always have access to the Express routes as well. It doesn't end there, all our aircraft are certified to operate in FS9 and FSX. Our aircraft are updated and we offer special events during the year using custom painted aircraft.

We only have two requirements at Global. We ask you to fly a minimum amount and that you have a love for aviation which obviously you do or you wouldn't be reading about us right now and with that desire to fly, the first requirement is easy to achieve.

Certification is very easy, you fly certain categories of aicraft and as you gain time in that type of aircraft you promote yourself to the next aircraft level. If you are a veteran pilot, your hours from another airline may be credited and once you complete your minimum time at Express, you are automatically certified based on your previous hours when you begin flying with International.

So please look around, have a look at our operation manuals (we call them SOP's), ask any questions via our email link below and then submit your request and our flight crew manager will be in contact with you. We believe you will enjoy being a part of our family.


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