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Aircraft that have been designated as "theme" aircraft are those that carry custom paint jobs. They have special events associated with special flight schedules that in some cases will earn a pilot extra flight credit. Once a theme has been completed, it may have its special paint removed and then revert to a standard aircraft or placed into an inactive status to be brought back at a later date to meet an airline need. Above and below are examples of theme aircraft. The entire fleet, including all theme aircraft are available in our company hangar and are available only to Global Air International active Pilots.

Based on the industry need, "any" aircraft may become a theme aircraft

Close Up Of Aircraft used for Global Holidays' Charters

Retired B737-800

Retired B737-800 Aussie Event

B747-400 Aussie Event

B787-800 Aussie Event

B747-400 Hawaii Event

B747-8i Hawaii Event

B787-800 Olympics Event

Retired A318-111

Retired A318-111 UK Event

A380-800 New York Event

B787-800 New York Event

B757 New York Event

Retired A319

Retired A320

Retired A340-300

Retired B767-200

Retired B777-200

Gulfstream V

B747-8i South America Event

B747-400 South America Event

B757-300 South America Event

B727-200F African Adventure Event

B747-400F African Adventure Event

B747-8i African Adventure Event

B767-343ER 2X Canada Event

B777-300ER 2X Canada Event

MD-11F 2X Canada Event

A380-800 Middle Eastern Madness 2X Event

B747-400 Middle Eastern Madness 2X Event

B747-400 Pacific Memories 2X Event

B757-300ER Pacific Memories 2X Event

Retired B787-8

Retired A350-900 XWB


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